State Functions Manager

State Functions Manager – (One per Australian State and Territory)

This role will require someone who is either familiar with arranging and managing functions or has a real interest in arranging social events but primarily someone who is a good communicator.

  • Sourcing the ideal venue to host our State Presentation Dinner
  • Once we have a projected number of participating councils and regions, managing invitations and acceptances to/from each Regional Exhibition Team
  • Managing your state's Presentation Dinner and assisting the Regional Exhibitions with their Presentation Dinners

This will be an interesting and challenging role for those with an interest in arranging first class social events.

(Requiring one per Australian State and Territory)

Est. 4 to 8 hrs per fortnight or more if available

If you have a heart to help fight modern-day slavery and have a good understanding, interest and eye for functions, please contact Doug Malcolm directly.


M: 0421 450 959