Local Secondary/High Schools

We are encouraging Secondary / High Schools to hold a Senior's (15-18yrs of age) Paint4Freedom Art Competition

We trust these ages align well with your Senior Years of 10, 11 & 12. Fifteen to eighteen years of age fall into our Budding Amateur Artist category. Further details here-

If your school is able to hold a Senior's Paint4Freedom Art Competition, your winner and place getters will be accepted into the Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition.

As stated in the Competition Structure page, the winners and place getters from each Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition will qualify for the Regional or State Competitions.

  • Speak with your local Council - will they be hosting a Local Community Paint4Freedom Competition, Exhibition and Judging? We are asking councils around Australia to join in.

  • Contact your local Rotary Club - Are they speaking with or assisting the local Council in hosting a Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition, Exhibition and Judging and also encouraging your local community to be involved?

  • Rotary are also very focused on this fight against Modern-day Slavery - Further details

  • Speak with your local Art Galleries and/or Art Society - Are they involved in any way? If your council isn't hosting a Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition or a local Slavery Seminar Presentation, can your Art Galleries and/or Art Society help in this way?

  • How is the local media involved and do they need any information - We at Paint4Freedom will supply the media will all they need.

You can obtain further details about the Paint4Freedom by email: Local.Comp@paint4freedom.org or just call us on M: 0421 450 959


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