Local Galleries / Art Societies / Local Community Halls

Local As previously stated, Local Community Competition geographic zones are based on Local Government / Council territories.

  • We believe the best outcome in each Local Government / Council territory is that the Local Government Council will work with any Local Galleries and/or Art Societies to assist and encourage all local Amateur and Young Budding (15-17yrs) Amateur Painting Artists to enter their Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition.

  • Local Community Paint4Freedom Competitions will ideally be held in Local Government Council venues and where not available for whatever reason, local community halls, local galleries or art societies become Venue Host Partners based on participation interest and venue availability.

Because most Venue Host Partners will have hosted and run previous Art Competitions, we believe each hosting venue is best to define how its specific Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition is run.

This means, you need to plan how entries are processed, exhibited, judged and awarded using the Paint4Freedom Judging Criteria.

Paint4Freedom Limited will partner with each Venue Host Partner by providing trophies for each category place getter of your Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition along with an agreement providing permission for branding and access to a modest range of promotional products.

Paint4Freedom Limited will also provide each Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition with their own Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition website landing page specific to their Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition.

This Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition landing page will allow each Venue Host Partner to display all Competition Entries and other Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition details.

Paint4Freedom Limited will also work with your local Rotary Club to facilitate Rotary assistance for the various competition needs, which may include-

  • Assistance with receiving Competition Entries
  • Competition judging and awarding of those winning and place getter entries

Each participating Venue Host Partner will need to facilitate the running of their Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition during a time that suits their own schedule from July 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019.

Host Venues/Galleries requirements

If you have any questions or would care to discuss any aspect of the overall competition or your local community's involvement, please do not hesitate to either call or email Doug Malcolm on M: 0421 450 959 or E: Local.Comp@paint4freedom.org

To schedule your 2019/20 Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition, please email Schedule.Local.Comp@paint4freedom.org