2019 Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competitions, Exhibitions and Judging

These competitions can be held according to the timetable of each participating host Local Government Council or other hosting organisation.

These competitions must be held between July 1st to December 31st, 2019 for their qualifying Artists and Artworks to qualify for the Regional Rounds.

The Paint4Freedom Art Competition is a National Art Competition consisting of four levels of competition being Local Community (Local Government / Council territory) / Regional / State / National Competitions, Exhibitions and Finals Judging.

  • Local Community Competition geographic zones are based Local Government / Council territories-

    • Our aim is a Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition run in each Local Government / Council territory.
    • We believe the best outcome in each Local Government / Council territory is that the Local Government Council will work with any Local Galleries and/or Art Societies to assist and encourage local Amateur and Budding Amateur (15-17 yrs) Painting Artists to enter their Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition.

  • Local Community Paint4Freedom Competitions will ideally be held in Local Government / Council venues and where not available for whatever reason, local community halls, local galleries or art societies become Venue Host Partners based on participation interest and venue availability.

  • Entries for Local Community Paint4Freedom Competitions can be accept from Amateur and Budding Amateur (15-17 yrs) Painting Artists only - Emerging and Established Artists will enter the competition at either the State or National Levels.

  • We are encouraging all Secondary/High Schools to hold their own "Senior's Paint4Freedom Competition" following which, their first three place getters will be accepted into the Local Community Paint4Freedom Competition.
    • Of course this means that the Secondary/High Schools need to coordinate their "Senior's Paint4Freedom Competition" to be completed prior to the Local Community Paint4Freedom Competition. Further details-
  • Each Paint4Freedom Competition level sends the first three place getters in each category to the next competition level.

For Local Community Paint4Freedom Competition place getters during 2019/20, being the inaugural year of competition, we may see qualifying Artists and their Artworks go directly to the State Level competitions depending on whether or not we see enough Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competitions being hosted to warrant a Regional competition.

Find your Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition HERE

For those Local Government / CouncilsLocal Galleries / Art Societies / Local Community Halls or Secondary/High Schools wishing to participate in the Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition, Exhibitions and Judgings as a Venue Host Partner, please follow the links to better understand the Paint4Freedom Competition needs and expectations of our Venue Host Partners

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