Legal Status

Paint4Feedom Limited. was incorporated in late 2017 and is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporate entity holding Charity Status with the A.C.N.C. as an organisation Promoting or Protecting Human Rights.

The corporate entity was granted Charity Status by the A.C.N.C. in late 2018.

The board of directors are as follows.

Ian Fionda
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David Clark
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Doug Malcolm
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The board do not anticipate applying for DGR status as raising funds from public donation campaigns is not our purpose.

We aim to help make the general public more aware of modern-day slavery and help provide ideas and ways we as concerned Australians, can assist the fight against modern-day slavery.

We encourage the general public who wish to directly support the anti-slavery charity of their choice, to please consider the charities we anticipate being able to assist with funds the National Paint4Freedom Art Competition is able to raise.

If you have any concerns or advice you may wish to provide our board, please feel free to email Doug Malcolm on

Paint4Freedom Limited ACN: 621 812 002 / ABN: 95 621 812 002