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Paint4Freedom tries to provide news and direct links to other news providers that is relevant and informative for Australians in better understanding modern-day slavery.

04/06/2018 - Press release - Thailand joins the global movement to combat forced labourILO-logo-blue.jpg

28/12/2017 - Modern slavery: Corporations take action to free some of the 40 million slave workers - ABC_News_black_on_white.jpg


18/10/2017 - For the price of a few warships, we could end slavery once and for all - The Guardian


12/10/2017 - India's Supreme Court rules sex with a 'child bride' is rape - ABC_News_black_on_white.jpg


08/08/2017 - It is a terrible and cautionary tale - The Guardian

12/07/2016 - Seafood From Slaves -


01/06/2017 - Children from poor countries, slaves in textile factories to temper the insatiable appetite of fast fashion consumers - Evo News



March 2017 - Stand Up For Education For Child Labour in Supply Chains - Global March



05/02/2017 - How High Street cloths were made by children Myanmar - The Guardian