Further Campaign Details

Further details:

The Australian Federal Government conducted an Inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act including public hearings in most capital cities.

We have the National Paint4Freedom Art Competition media release/s including an array of national and local press interviews planned, with an expert anti-slaver panel discussing the various aspects of modern-day slaver and what all Australians can do to assist the fight against this modern-day scourge.

This Paint4Freedom campaign is planned as a component of the larger anti-slavery push and campaign to be conducted by an array of anti-slavery NGO and not-for-profit organisations.

We are encouraging all Local Government councils to host a Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition, which will provide your residents a local means and voice to stand against modern-day slavery.

Paint4Freedom have volunteers assisting local communities across Australia in hosting their Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competitions.

We thank you for your interest, cooperation and assistance in this important project.

If you have any specific questions regarding the Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition, please feel free to email us. E: Local.Comp@paint4freedom.org