Find your Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition

This page is currently under construction and will be active by July 1st.

(State Maps leading to each state's list of the L/G Councils hosting competitions)

Once the Paint4Freedom Art Competition is formally announced, which will take place in June, some of the ways you may be able to help are-

  • Speak with your local Council - will they be hosting a Local Community Paint4Freedom Competition, Exhibition and Judging? If not, why not? - We are asking councils around Australia to join in.
  • Speak with your local Secondary / High Schools - Are they encouraging their students to enter the competition?
  • Speak with the School's P&C's - Are they somehow working towards helping to promote or encourage a local Paint4Freedom Art Competition?
  • Each Secondary / High School is able to hold their own Paint4Freedom Art Competition - Further details
  • Contact your local Rotary Club - Are they speaking or assisting the local Council in hosting a Local Community Paint4Freedom Competition, Exhibition and Judging and also encouraging your local community to be involved?
  • Rotary are also very focused on this fight against Modern-day Slavery - Further details
  • Speak with your local Art Galleries and/or Art Society - Are they involved in any way? If your council isn't hosting a Local Community Paint4Freedom Competition or a local Slavery Seminar Presentation, can your Art Galleries and/or Art Society help in this way?
  • Speak with your local Art Colleges - Are they involved, will they be encouraging students to compete in the local Paint4Freedom Competition?
  • How is the local media involved and do they need any information - We at Paint4Freedom will supply the media will all they need.

All these organisations can obtain further details about how they can be involved by contacting Paint4Freedom on email: or call us on Ph: 0421 450 959

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