Enter the 2018/18 Paint4Freedom Art Competition

The National Art Competition, Paint4Freedom is for Brushed Painting works from Amateur Artists and Budding Amateur Artists (15-18 yrs) through to Emerging and Established Artists.

The theme for all competition paintings is to be-

"Inspiration and Hope for those enslaved"

Further details about the competition structure can be found here.

We encourage you to share the Paint 4 Freedom National Art Competition with friends and colleagues via Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

We encourage you to make any comments you would care to and please if you are of a mind to become involved and assist in any way, please look at our Volunteer's page and also our Get Involved section.

We would also ask that if you are to share with friends and colleagues, please ask if they know about modern-day slavery and the impact it is having on millions of people around the world.

Thank you for your interest in the Paint4Freedom Art Competition and of course in this ongoing fight against modern-day slavery. 

Artists interested in entering the 2018/19 Paint4Freedom National Art Competition, please leave your details on these specific pages: Amateur Artists or Budding Amateur Artists (15-18 yrs); Emerging or Established Artists.