Emerging Artists

For the purpose of entering the Paint4Freedom National Art Competition, the "Emerging Artist" classification refers to the artist’s current level of artistic development, professional accomplishment, and recognition in the brushed painting art category.

Examples of recognition include exhibitions, critical reviews, commissions, grant awards, residencies and fellowships.

Paint4Freedom does not make distinctions between pre-emerging, emerging and post-emerging artists.  

Paint4Freedom considers both “Pre” and “Post” emerging artists as appropriate entrants for the Emerging Artists Classification within the Paint4Freedom National Art Competition.

Paint4Freedom requires artist’s full resumes to assess the worth of their achievements and will consider many factors in its determination of eligibility as an Emerging Artist. We encourage artists to be very specific in their applications about aspects they use to define themselves as Emerging Artists.

These factors will also be taken into account when defining Emerging Artist Entrants to the Paint4Freedom National Art Competition-

  • who are principal creators of new work
  • who take risks and embrace challenges
  • whose works reveal significant potential
  • who are rigorous in their approach to creation and production
  • who have some evidence of professional achievement
  • who are not recognized as established artists by other artists, curators, producers, critics, and arts administrators

Those artists not eligible as Emerging Artists-

Artists under the age of 18
Amateur Artists
Artists enrolled in undergraduate, graduate Art degree programs or Art certificate programs
Established Artists

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