Creative Designer

An experienced Creative Designer with the following skills:

  1. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop efficient (or equivalent)
  2. The ability to exercise good judgment in manipulating the formal elements of visual communication
  3. Strong interpersonal skills such as being a good listener and a good verbal communicator who is able to build and sustain positive and productive relationships with others in the project team

Our Creative Designer will need to have their own licensed copies of the software tools stated above (or equivalent) or a current subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud or equivalent licensed software.

Our Creative Designer will also need to work well with our Marketing Manager who will also be a valued volunteer.

Est. 6 to 12 hours per fortnight or more if available

As with all our volunteer positions, we ask that you are able to work from home.

If you feel you have the necessary skills and are able to take on the volunteer role as Creative Designer, please contact Doug Malcolm.


M: +61 421 450 959