Council Run Competitions

We encourage each local Government Council to host and run their own Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition, however if this is not possible due to staff shortages, we may be able to provide local Rotary volunteers in your council region to assist in their Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition and if needed, to run the local competition or to assist their local Government Council or local Venue/Galleries in doing so.

Each participating local Government Council will need to facilitate the running of their Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition during a time that suits their own schedule from July 1st through to December 31st.

We encourage those participating local Government Councils to host their Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition over a two week period following the below format, however this is by no means mandatory and we welcome whatever format best suits each participating local Government Council.


Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competitions can accept entries from Budding Amateur (15-17 yrs) and adult Amateur Artists only.

We encourage each participating local Government Council to also host a Presentation Function, which if numbers are low, can be run as a light refreshment Morning or Afternoon Tea style function.

If entry numbers are higher and the facilities are available either within the Council or nearby, a full Paint4Freedom Presentation Dinner may be in order.

Please download our Competition Host Guidelines document.

In cases where your local Government Council has not the funding in place to provide the normal cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in each category, Paint4Freedom Ltd. can provide trophies for that Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition, These trophies must be arranged when Paint4Freedom Ltd. is notified of the dates and details. These trophies will be sent out once the Closing Date for entries has passed.

We also encourage local Government Councils to host public seminars during the Exhibition Period or straight after. These public seminars are another great way to connect with business and residents by providing further information about the fight against Modern-day Slavery and how we can all take part.

As a result of quite recently passed NSW State and Australian Federal Parliament Legislation, many businesses now face having to comply with certain legislative reporting requirements.

Legislative reporting requirements are not the only challenges for business. There are many businesses now actively looking at how they may lift their public profile by demonstrating a clear and transparent activism in fighting Modern-day slavery.

Further details:

Local Business Seminars

Local Resident Seminars 

Further Local Community Paint4Freedom Competition details-

If you have any specific questions regarding the Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition or you would like to discuss your local Government Council hosting your Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition, please feel free to email us. E: or call Doug Malcolm on 0421 450 959