Budding (15-17yrs) School Artists

For those students who are aged eighteen years when entering the competition and handing in their entered Artwork, outside the school environment they would be considered to fall into the Paint4Freedom Adult Amateur Artist category. However, if they are competing within their school's Seniors Paint4Freedom Art Competition, we would prefer them to see the competition through as a Budding Amateur Artist.

If their work qualifies as either the winner or a place getter, it would then be accepted representing the school in the Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition. From there, if their Artwork qualifies through to the more advanced levels of competition, Regional, State and even National level, they would remain in the Budding Amateur Artist category. This would be a wonderful opportunity and career boost for any young artist starting out.

Paint4Freedom Secondary High School Invitation - Download

If you would care to explore the potential of hosting a Secondary /High School Seniors Paint4Freedom Art Competition, please contact Doug Malcolm directly on-

M: 0421 450 959

E: Doug.M@paint4freedom.org

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