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12/06/2019 - Human trefficking and slavery still happen in Australia - See how? - The-Conversation_-_Reduced.png

29/06/2018 - Modern Slavery Bill a step in the right direction - Now businesses must comply - The-Conversation_-_Reduced.png

28/12/2017 - How Australians are unwittingly contributing to modern slavery - abc-radio-national-logo.jpg

October 2017 - The Modern Slave - A Global Human Rights Crisis - Rotary_Down_Under_Link_50.jpg

20/08/2017 - Will Australia's new laws stamp out modern slavery? - Sydney Morning Herald

16/08/2017 - Australian companies could be forced to report on how they combat slavery - AAAlglP.img.png

02/08/2017 - (Last updated) - Rachel Griffiths throws support behind bid to end modern slavery -  - By Andie Noonan

"As a nation, we need to be better educated about the illegal trade happening in our own backyard", award-winning actor Rachel Griffiths says.

11/04/2017 - Australia must legislate to prevent modern slavery in our supply chains - AAAlglP.img.png

10/04/2017 - This is happening in Australia': Sydney victim of slavery speaks out - Sydney Morning Herald