As Consumers

As consumers, we can take a stand and become active Abolitionists.

If you were able to request your favorite clothing shops to guarantee their suppliers / manufacturers were not forcing workers by means of holding passports / internment physical restraint or other forms of coercion, intimidation or duress, would you?

As consumers, we all have a right to know and understand where the products we may wish to purchase, actually come from. Have enslaved workers taken part in the manufacturing of these products and if so, why?

Some of our product choices we take for granted, but are your choices free from slavery? Chocolate  /  Fashion

There are a number of ways we as consumers can influence and pressure companies to do the right thing.

1) Purchase Campaign Postcards and send these to companies you have concerns about - Campaign Postcards?

  • Take these to your favorite stores and help them understand the problem of modern-day slavery and ask them if they and all their suppliers are Slaver Free?

2) Speak with everyone you know about modern-day slavery and direct them to the Paint4Freedom website and/or those websites of the organisations we support here.

STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia is led by a coalition of Non-Government, Community and other organisations working together against trafficking in Australia and around the world.

To find out more, follow this STOP THE TRAFFIK link-