As Businesses

In Australia, business should now be aware of both the new Federal and State Modern Slavery legislation.

The Federal legislation, Modern Slavery Bill 2018 passed both Houses of Parliament on November 24th, 2018.

The Parliament of New South Wales legislation Modern Slavery Bill 2018 passed the final stage, the Legislative Assembly on June 21st, 2018.

We recommend all business in Australia understand what each legislation requires of business by following the links above. The Federal and NSW legislations are both different in requirements yet follow the same standards of Human Rights set out by the United Nations Rule of Law.

Good business practice now requires business Supply-Chains to be transparent and where possible, actively monitored with end to end risk management processes in place. To help ensure your suppliers are conducting their businesses ethically and free from human rights violations, a strong Supplier Code of Conduct can be used.  

These processes will all help improve social compliance across the supplier base and actively mitigate business risk.

A recent app now available through the US Government's Department of Labor, which can also help business identify what types of goods provide the greatest areas of risk.

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