Artist Volunteers

The Paint4Freedom Art Competition is a National Art Competition and will be running 4 levels of Competition, Exhibition and Judging.

1. These competition levels are: Local Community / Regional / State / National Competitions, Exhibitions and Finals Judging.
2. Each Competition level will send the first three place getters in each category to the next competition level.
3. Local Community Competitions will accept entries from Young Budding (Amateur) (Aged 15-18yrs) and Amateur Artists only.
4. Emerging and Established Artists may enter the competition at either the State or National Levels.

The first level is the Local Community Competition Level and is geographically based on Local Government / Council geographic territories using a copy of the latest Council Rates Notice as the indicators of the Competition (catchment) Zone that each entrant MUST use to determine their specific Competition Entry Point. This will be a fundamental rule within the competition and therefore imperative for each entrant to follow. A copy of the Council Rate Notice will be required to accompany the Artist's Entry Application.

We require Art Student or Art Teacher volunteers to assist in each Competition Zone, being the Local Government / Council geographic region.

We anticipate that each Local Community Competition will also be attended by local Rotary Volunteers.

Each Art Student or Art Teacher Volunteer may assist in a number of different ways and functions.

Below is an example of the tasks, which can be undertaken:

  • Contacting local Secondary / High Schools to confirm the schools are happy to encourage their students to take part in Paint4Freedom.
  • Speaking at those Secondary / High schools about the Paint4Freedom Art Competition and the reason the competition is being run. School Principal permission will need to be sourced.
  • Assist in accepting Works Entries on the 2-4 entry days depending on the Entry Venue opening hours.
  • Attend the Local Community Presentation Function if one is able to be held. This will be dependent on a number of local factors and needs.
  • It is hoped that each Art Student or Art Teacher Volunteer will help encourage, attend and support those Artists and their Art Works who have been selected to continue on to the Regional / State / National levels.
  • It is important that all those Artists and their Art Works selected for the following levels, particularly the Regional Level, are supported equally.  

Each volunteer will receive a Thank you Certificate and a written reference printed and signed by the Local Competition Manager.

As you can see from the functions associated with these volunteer roles, it will be a most rewarding experience assisting those competing artists, young or older.

We require experienced Art Students or Art Teachers as volunteers.

This means either Art Students (2nd year or later) or Art Teachers.

If this is you and you are interested in volunteering for the 2018 Paint4Freedom Art Competition, please send your details via email to: Any artists entering the competition would not be accepted as a volunteer.

Please include your contact details.

Art students please include your College or University, your Course Name, your Course Year and your Student Number.

Art Teachers either current or retired, please include your previous or current School, College or University contact details.

Please also understand, you will be working with children and will therefore require "Working with children Police Checks"

If you have Current Police Check in place, please include a copy of this also and for those not currently holding one, these can be arranged through Paint4Freedom at no charge.

We look forward to your contact and again, thank you for your interest in assisting us in this project.