Amateur Artist

For the purpose of entering the Paint4Freedom National Art Competition, the Amateur Artist Classification refers to the Artist’s current level of artistic development in the Brushed Painting Art Category.

Amateur Artists must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry.

The Amateur Artist Classification also includes artists who consider themselves as Hobbyist Artists.

As an Amateur Artist, the Artist must have no recognition by art critics, not had inclusion within exhibitions above Amateur exhibitions, had no critical reviews, no commissions, no grant awards nor residencies or fellowships.

As an Amateur Artists, the Artist may or may not be currently selling or have sold their painted artworks for a monetary price or exchanged goods to the value of a monetary price.

The Artist must not have an ABN or be registered for GST. An ABN and/or GST registration would be seen as an Artist who is now a Professional Artist whether Emerging or Established but no longer practicing as an Amateur Artist.

Amateur Artists may be enrolled in Undergraduate, Graduate or Postgraduate Art Degree programs or Art Certificate programs.

If Artists are unsure of their Amateur status, they may write to our Acceptance Committee who will respond with a Recommendation of Eligibility that should be included with the artist’s completed entry.

This entry should be made based on that Recommendation of Eligibility whether made as an Amateur Artist entering a Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competition or as an Emerging or Established Artist entering a State Level Paint4Freedom Art Competition or the National Paint4Freedom Art Competition.

To request a Recommendation of Eligibility from our Acceptance Committee, please email all your pertinent details including last three showings and exhibitions along with judging results.

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