10 things you should know about slavery in Australia

The dark history of forced labour and Stolen Wages is slowly becoming a national conversation, with people sharing their traumatic first-hand experiences of indentured service. Here are some ugly truths about white masters and black servants in Australian history.

The full storyby: Luke Pearson, Sophie Verass, Karina Marlow

Awarded a 5-star review from The Guardian, Servant or Slave (On Demand here) tells the stories of five women who experienced Australia's slavery system first-hand. All members of the Stolen Generations, Rita Wright, Violet West and the three Wenburg sisters, Adelaide, Valerie and Rita share their experiences of being forcibly removed from their families, put into domestic training homes as children and being sent out to work as domestic 'help', and life after working in unsafe conditions for no money. 

"Many Australians have some knowledge, or assumption, of the kinds of things that might have transpired during these dark times. But to hear them articulated by the victims themselves, and illustrated by powerful albeit discreet re-enactments, brings the details to mind in terrible ways," says director, Stephen McGregor.

The full story-

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