If you wish to take a stand and assist in the battle to rid our world of slavery, you are an Abolitionist

Abolitionism is a movement to end slavery with many Australian and international organisations actively working to end the slave trade and set slaves free.

As consumers, we can take a stand and actively become Abolitionists.

To do your part, here are actions you can easily take now or very soon-

1) Purchase Campaign Postcards and send these to companies you have concerns about - Campaign Postcards?

  • Take these to your favorite stores and help them understand the problem of modern-day slavery and ask them if they and all their suppliers are Slaver Free?

2) Speak with everyone you know about modern-day slavery and direct them to the Paint4Freedom website.

3) Abolitionist Petition - We are currently speaking with other anti-slavery organisations and considering the potential use of a widespread and high volume of respondents. Whether or not this can be used to further influence companies to more actively provide transparency and assurance slavery does not exist in their supply-chains. We would be happy to hear your thoughts on this matter?

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